Turf Renovation
​​Lawns in our area inevitably suffer damage over the winter.  Thatch is the matted layer of dead and decaying plant material that accumulates over the winter and presents between the healthy grass and the soil in early spring.

It is a great place for rodents and fungi to flourish, but it's not good for your lawn.  If left untreated, thatch can become a nearly impenetrable, disease-harboring mat.

We finish with high-suction mowers for the first cut of the season, and remove the extracted thatch for a nice, clean finish.

Soil compaction caused by age and general use, is often overlooked by homeowners.  Compacted soil hinders the movement of water, air, and nutrients to the lawn's root system which results in stress, inability to compete with weeds, and deep layers of thatch.  

University agricultural research experts agree that aerating your lawn is one of the single most important things that you can do to increase drought tolerance, stimulate root growth, and improve overall health.
Your turf is composed of a variety of subspecies of grass, called cultivars. The more cultivars a turf has, the more resistant it is to drought, disease, and pests. When we overseed your lawn, we add cultivars to an established turf to strengthen its biodiversity and add to its thickness. Overseeding also helps rejuvenate a turf by mixing in younger plants. We can perform overseeding simultaneously with core aeration in the spring or fall. 


  1. Bob Gray Red Lodge Homeowner
    ​"Very impressed with the installation crew! They have done a wonderful job on my property and are very professional."
  2. Mary Beth Noe, Mountain View Clinic Manager
    “As one of Pro Cut's first customers, I can rest assured that the friendly and receptive staff will continue to set our lawn maintenance at the highest standard."
  3. Bobbie Sacks, Red Lodge Resident
    "I have been a Pro Cut customer for ten years and LOVE working with their efficient, hard-working crew. Our lawn always looks beautiful."
  4. Pam Templeton Red Lodge Homeowner
    "I want to convey how happy I was this week to come home to a lawn that looked beautiful due to your efforts! I was surprised that you were able to do it, so THANK YOU for making my week less stressful and more enjoyable. I appreciate your efforts."
  5. Tracy Timmons, Executive Director Red Lodge Area Community Foundation
    Pro Cut has set the standard for effective and responsible corporate giving through their Green Fund. Their creative approach, funding and volunteering for projects, makes a true impact for organizations and green spaces in our community.